The cupboard doors are on! {The $1,000.00 Kitchen Restoration}

Everyone has been asking for updated pictures. So here they are 😉


Everyone has been asking for updated pictures. So here they are 😉

We still have to install the chandelier, wall lights, under-the-cabinet lights, a few outlets and the back splash. But at least you can see what it looks like now with the doors attached.

Here are two before pics:
(I do NOT miss sanding these cabinets for two long nights).

img_0664         51391011291__77411b45-3076-4290-8321-31cd080019a8-1

And now …. here is the current status of the $1,000.00 Kitchen Restoration:


We’re installing under-the-cabinet lights as well. We just began installing those, hence the white cords.


It’s amazing what some paint can do!

We’re also currently still $212.00 under budget!

We have a white dishwasher that works great. There’s no need to replace it yet. I’m looking into black laminate, vinyl or using an appliance spray paint to make it match our kitchen. The dishwasher will match the kitchen when we are completed with this project. 😉 This kitchen restoration project has been very fun to work on. I can’t wait to add the final touches!

We don’t have that much time left to finish up the kitchen, so here’s to hoping the final kitchen projects/installations go smooth. We need to tackle some outdoor projects, such as staining our decks. It’s graduation season and our daughter is graduating in 3 short weeks. Needless to say, we’re heading into the preparations for the outdoor party.

That reminds me, I need some more Tiki Torches to go around the entire deck …. and about four more tables with chairs and umbrellas.

No sweat 😉

Our current expenses:

$170 cabinets for the center island

$143 butcher block counter top for the island

$66 and $43 for the counter tops along the walls

$22 end caps

$11 cabinet backs

$8 toe kick

$30 cabinet end trim pieces

$30 black paint for the cabinets / door fronts

$150 used glass stove top in NEW condition

$20 brushes and rollers

$60 gray paint for the walls

$35.00 for all the kitchen lights {garage sale find}

Currently we are at $788.00 for our kitchen restoration.


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